China’s Greatest Emperor and his secrets on how to become a great leader

11 tips to become an Enlighten Leader.

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Tang Emperor Taizong gives an audience to Gar Tongtsen Yulsung, the ambassador of Tibet Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Have you ever wondered, what is the characteristic of all the great rulers and emperors who sustained their dynasties for years? how did they manage their kingdom? how would they hire people? and how can you Imbibe skills from them to be an effective leader?

In the book, The Ruler’s Guide: China’s Greatest Emperor and His Timeless Secrets of Success, the author presents conversations between ruler Taizong and his gifted advisers that reveal core aspects of leadership like organizational effectiveness, how to grow power, how to influence, and the respect among many of them.

Tang Taizong was arguably the greatest Emperor in Chinese history. In Asia, many historians rank him with such rulers as Augustus, Genghis Khan, and Napoleon. When he founded the Tang dynasty, his chief accomplishments were on the battlefield, where he personally slew 1,000 of the enemy.

He assembled a team of advisers even before he assumed the throne at the age of twenty-eight. Taizong’s favorite adviser was Wei zheng, he was the most outspoken adviser. he earned Taizong’s trust and respect with his candor, loyalty, fearlessness, and profound knowledge.

Today’s leaders — of various organizations often assume the role of “ruler.” We are rulers as headmaster, coaches, parents, orchestra conductors as priests as role models, you may be a ruler in one situation and being ruled in another.

I have compiled a list of 11 qualities that according to Taizong and his wise ministers makes an effective Ruler.

1. Acquire self-knowledge through self-examination and observation.

Taizong said, “An enlightened ruler knows his own inadequacies, so he becomes wiser. A fatuous ruler tries to cover up his own faults, so he remains in a poor light.”

Despite being a great emperor, Taizong was not perfect and had lots of pitfalls in his leadership.



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