How to practice curiosity like Leonardo Da Vinci

Tip #3 Question simply.

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Scene #1 Night aha moment!

Last night as I was drifting into sleep, I heard a sound “clank,” I ignored it, but my mom was quick to catch up on it, she inquired, “did we catch him?”

My mom was talking about the mouse that has caused some serious terror in our house, usually, it happens a couple of times in a year, when the mouse decides to trespass our home and mess stuff up.

But we have been paying a close eye on him, and finally, we caught the little sneak.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

As we started celebrating our success

My mom said something very Interesting, she asked, “why these rats are so stupid, can’t they figure out that we have been using the same red cage mousetrap for years, aren’t this imprinted in their DNA or something?”

My mom is no scientist, but her ability to question things has always startled me. often she would come up with these questions, that I have no answers for and I would feel like a brainless child.

This Intriguing question by my mom led me to evaluate myself. How curious am I? how Interested am I in my surroundings? and how much time I spend on developing a curious mindset.

what is a Curious Mindset?

In 1994 Dalai Lama paid a visit to an American medical school during a brain operation.

He asked the surgeons a startling question: Can the mind shape the structure of the brain?

The scientists dismissed the possibility by asserting that physical states give rise to mental states and that ‘downward’ causation from the mental to the physical is not possible.

The Dalai Lama let the matter drop.

Dalai Lama was talking about an internal change. He was talking about the possibility of rewiring the brain by using the thought process alone.

But later in 2004 a research on cognitive-behavioral therapy, in which patients learn to think about their thoughts…



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