You Lack Confidence Because you aren’t Aligned With Truth

99% people never experience true confidence

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I’ve been underconfident my entire teenage and young adulthood. And I’m still underconfident in many ways. I still react instinctively out of fear and hesitation when surrounded by strangers. My mind still sometimes gets occupied with how people are perceiving my actions.

But the funny thing is before I felt insecure and very weak about my self Image. But, After a few years of deep self-work, I’m a completely different human being. To the point that I cannot relate to my insecure, or shy self anymore.

No, I’ve not suddenly become an alpha male. I still can appear underconfident and people still tease me to speak up for myself. But what I feel right now is something phenomenal. I feel extremely powerful and secure in who I am. A sense of completeness, and power where stoped bothering about what I think or how other’s see me. I feel liberated from this whole low-self worth and self-esteem thing.

I know it sounds ironic, but the truth is, it doesn’t matter if you think you have low self-esteem or low self-worth, you can still feel like a powerful and confident individual. Being powerful is not about having more success or wealth, it’s not about being smart, or beautiful. It’s about realizing who you truly arel; What you are truly made of. It comes with living in alignment with the truth.

Let me explain.

your confidence is built on false ground.

For most people, If I take away things that their confidence is built upon, they’ll walk like a defeated person the next day. This happens to people, isn’t it? suddenly their business decisions start going wrong, or they lose their job, or they failed to get admission into their dream college, and they start behaving as if the whole world has collapsed.

Even if they don’t lose their confidence, they’ll become irritated, frustrated, insecure, angry, and bitter. They might appear confident, but in reality, they are on an ego trip.

This tells us that confidence or self-worth built on external things is fragile. Confidence built on past success means nothing. Because the day, you start failing…



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